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"I have used this for a year. I'am 68 years oil, my skin on my face is soft, need no other products. I use as a oil wash, cleans and relaxing." - Paula Stubblefield

Hi! It's Debby from St. Peters, Missouri. Just wanted to give you an update. I've been using the shower gel on my face now for about 2 weeks (if you remember, I have rosacea and bought your Naked Body Oil last July while vacationing in Washington). Anyway, I love the gel! My skin looks and feels great! No itching, no burning, and no redness! The two in combination are my magic formula....I can't wait until my next visit to the dermatologist!! Thought you'd like to know. Thank you so much!" - Debby, St. Peters, MO

Ever since my teenage years, I have struggled with acne. I had tried several acne soaps and treatments, which helped to minimize my acne, but nothing could completely eliminate it. I always had blackheads in my nose, no matter how often or profusely I washed my face, or which soap I used. My mother gave me a sample of Intense Complexion (Emergency Date) Soap to use. Within a couple of days, the blackheads were completely gone! Nothing had ever worked that well for me my entire life. I fully endorse Running Wild Spirit products with all my heart. I trust that they are made with the highest level of care, and for the intention of making the best products, as opposed to trying to be too efficient and cheapening the quality of the products." - Rodney B.

I have suffered with migraine headaches for what seems like my entire life. I've spent a fortune on prescriptions and doctors, but nothing has ever really worked. Then I tried your Headache Oil. After holding the open bottle under my nose for about a minute, then rubbing the oil around my hairline, within minutes the headache eases and goes away. I was amazed!! I've learned to never run out! It's worth a LOT more than you charge! Thank you for this wonderful product!! I don't live in dread fear of head pain anymore!" - Miss B, Kent, WA

From a Licensed Massage Practitioner:
"One of the greatest aspects of the oils and lotions is the carefully crafted scents that have varying therapeutic effects depending on the essential oil used to create the product. All of the oils and lotions are aptly named and all of them have excellent viscosity so that they provide a good balance of lubrication and tradition along the tissue. The lotions are light and eventually absorb into the skin, but not before the work in a given area is complete. I strongly believe in supporting small local businesses that provide quality products, and feel that I can be more sure of that quality precisely because I can directly know the person who created it." - Deirdre W., LMP

Thank you SO MUCH for making the All Over Lotion. I absolutely love the Green Tea fragrance! It's fresh and clean without being perfumy. - Jill, Seattle, WA

This [Super Deluxe Hand Soap] is absolutely my favorite Running Wild Spirit product. The soap is rich and thick, only a dab is needed. Very effective without being harsh... Thanks! - Jill, Seattle, WA
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